Anchor coupler or called coupling sleeve, which is used to extend the anchor string as required length.
Anchor nut is used to lock the anchor system, make sure the anchor string is fastened with anchoring site, there usually have hexagonal and spherical two designs.
Anchor bits is used as a sacrificial consumable for drilling hole, there usually have Tungsten carbide and steel hardened two types, through machining or casting production technology.
Anchor plate is used to make sure anchor site fastened, there usually have solid and domed two designs:
Anchor centralizer or called spacers, which is used to make sure anchoring hole is straight, a very good deviation control on hole straightness.
Bit Adapter:Drill bit adapter isused for connecting smaller threaded hollow bars and bigger threaded drillbits.Hollowbar size Drillbit size Length(mm) Unitweight (kg) R25 R32 50 0.10 R32 R38 50 0.12 R32 R51 70 0.65 R38 R51 70 0.40 R51 T76 65 1.00 T30 T40 6…